Author Topic: My Dynamic Connect Settings for SB+  (Read 5089 times)


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My Dynamic Connect Settings for SB+
« on: February 22, 2008, 07:51:30 AM »
The free Dynamic Connect terminal emulator for SB+ works very well with SB+ (character mode only, of course), but it takes a bit of configuration.  If you're not using the TU host library routines (for data transfer) and you're not using GUI, Dynamic Connect can be configured to look nearly identical to SBClient, and of course, FREE is a VERY good price!

Having been asked about this a few times lately, I figured best to document my settings somewhere, and where better than here?  Okay, so to make DC work with SB+:

1) Configure DC for the proper connection to your system.
2) Choose terminal type "vt420" and extensions "sb" and "mvdisp".
3) When logging into SB+, use terminal type "WINTEG2.4".
4) Sometime after first logon, use /TERM.DEFN to verify the WINTEG2.4 definitions "OE Term Type" is "vt100".  If it's not, change it.

That's about all I've ever changed and DC works brilliantly on Unidata and Universe.
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