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I am Spyderman!
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Well, I was born in Sacremento, CA but grew up in Vancouver, WA.  I now live in a little town north of Vancouver called Battle Ground (IF you are interested, it was named for a battle that never took place during the brief NW Indian Wars of 1855-56.  the Klickatat chief Umtuch was the only casualty, and it was never determined if he was killed by soldiers or his own men!).  While growing up, I was very involved in music, playing a variety of wind instruments and guitar.

I graduated from Prairie High School in 1982 and muttered around in little jobs until 1988.  In 1988 I went on the road with a series of bar bands.  Yep, I had big hair, blonde and long, wore spandex and tight jeans, rocker boots, and played screaming licks like my heros Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, and Joe Satriani.  I know what you want to know.  Yes, I did look good in spandex.  Here's the secret:  make $100 a week and spend it all on the bar tab.  You will be so skinny, you can't help but look good in spandex!  ;)

Around 1991, I met my future wife.  8 years younger than I was, but legal (no really, she was).  We married in 1992.  In 1994 prior to the birth of our first child, I decided I wanted to give my children a foundation for a better direction than I had taken, so I accepted Christ and started down that unfamilar road.  Best decision of my life.

In 1995, I went to work for Jenkon in tech support.  I love solving problems and tech support gave me that abundance.  Then I met this guy, Kevin something (I always forget hist last name), and discovered my new passion: programming.  The thrill from creating an operational program from nothing but words on the screen was intoxicating.  My very first program, I imagined I felt what Dr. Frankenstein must have felt when the monster rose.  "It's alive! It's alive!" (my co-workers thought I was nuts).  I worked for Jenkon for 8 years, developing new functionality and enhancing existing applications before departing.  I went to ADP as a tech support lead, working with their dealer services web-based CRM application, but soon that development itch was too much to bear.

I made an ill-fated leap to work in the family business under the promise I could turn it into what I wanted.  A few months into it, I found that statement meant "you will run the business exactly how it always has been run, like it or not".  Well, we parted ways (no hard feelings, family is just fine, thank you) with no where to go.  God stepped in and I got in a conversation with that guy my Jenkon days.  Kevin...hmmm...what IS his last name (grin).  Lo and behold, he had some development work he needed help with.  Talk about mana from Heaven! 

This was about the time I was bitten by the radioactive spider.  I discovered the ability to spin websites with a flick of my wrist, the ability to traverse code with extreme speed and agility, an insatiable appetite for bugs, and my one-liners really improved.  With abilities like that, what else could I do but create Spyderweb Technical Services, Inc. where I could put those abilities to good use?  OK, well that's mostly true.  My one-liners still tend to be lame from time to time. ;D

So today, my beautiful wife and I recently celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary.  We have been together so long, we finish each others sentences.  When I say "Honey, I was thinking..."  she says "shut up".  OK, I guess she finishes MY sentences  ;)

We have 4 talented, gorgeous kids (13, 12, 8, and 3 - yeah, I am a bit bias), and have a wonderful life.  I am the president of the North County Pop Warner football association, and coach my son's Jr. Midget team.  My daughter's all dance ballet, and the oldest just became a member of the Washington State Ballet company.  I play on the worship team at our church and still get to do what I love:  program! 

And if you are interested, yeah, I still feel like Dr. Frankenstein when I finish a project and its working perfectly.  But now, my wife and kids look at me like I'm nuts everytime they hears "It's alive!" coming from my office.

So the next time the battles of your applications are beating you down, or you need help spinning your web (presence), never fear.  Just call your friendly neighborhood Spyderman.  (OK - blantant ad.  So sue me! ;D)
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