Author Topic: Modifying /PD.P to Upcase Process Names  (Read 4948 times)


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Modifying /PD.P to Upcase Process Names
« on: September 18, 2007, 10:27:30 AM »
One little irritating thing in SB+ is the feature that allows you to create a process with a mixed- or lower-case name, then when you try to run it from the slash, SB+ can't find the process!  This is because when you run things from the slash, SB+ converts the name to upper case for you automatically.  Isn't that nice? ::)

Frankly, my caps lock vexes me.  Moving from code to document to email to ... whatever, I'm constantly messing with the caps lock.  So what makes more sense for me personally is to have SB+ automatically convert my process names to upper case automatically.

The following patch can be applied to the /PD.P tool to have it automatically convert the process name (and Dict File name) to upper case. THIS IS NOT a IBM-authorized patch, however, so you should create a backup of the records to be changed in the event something unexpected happens.

The driver for the /PD.P tool is in DMDRIVERS under the name - you guessed it - "PD.P".  If you edit this record you can see the basic driver instructions for this tool.  Look for the first and third lines starting with an I.  These are the first and third input prompts in the /PD.P screen (the process ID and dict file name).  Using AE, go to the first I-line and do this:

R MCU<cr>
R MCU<cr>

Then go to the third I-line and repeat the process.  Save the driver, enter /PD.P, and verify that the process name and dict file name is in fact being converted.  Then the most important part, forget about your caps lock!  (This can also be repeated for other tools you might use regularly, like /PD.B, /PD.I, /PD.O, /PD.R, etc.  Just be sure to make a backup before changing these!)

While you can also apply this conversion to the description, it's largely unnecessary because the F3 on the ID field is case-insensitive when searching through the descriptions.  Also, just to be clear, it is a Universally Bad Idea to convert the paragraph lines to upper case with this technique!
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