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SB+ Personal Edition Bug Correction
« on: September 17, 2007, 06:38:19 PM »
In the March U2 News Flash from IBM, Ehab Abushmais had an article talking about how to work around a bug with the SB+ Personal Edition.  Basically, if you're not using SBClient with the PE, several screens will hang as if they're locked and will only release after several seconds. 

Unfortunately, as there is no trial SBClient, most people who download the SB+ PE are likely to be using a free terminal emulation product like Dynamic Connect.  And these people, most unfortunately, will get hung up at every turn just trying to navigate the SB+ product.

Can you say "Marketing Nightmare"???

Stuart Boydell with Spotless (who is quite arguably one of the most talented SB+ minds in the world today) has come up on an enhancement to Ehab's original fix.  Ehab's solution worked fine in most cases, but didn't work for character screens that used the ROC.MAIN subroutine.  Stuart's solution allows both SBClient and other terminal emulators to peacefully coexist without handicapping one or the other.

The solution is this:

2) Locate "INCLUDE"
3) After the last INCLUDE line, insert these two lines:
4) File and compile

..that's it.  With this patch, terminal emulators like Dynamic Connect and SBClient will coexist peacefully with the SB+ PE.

On behalf of us who want everyone to download and fall in love with SB+, thank you Stu!
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