Author Topic: SB-03004: Getting the Most from SB+ Selection Processes  (Read 8325 times)


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SB-03004: Getting the Most from SB+ Selection Processes
« on: September 13, 2007, 09:54:10 PM » our newest course! 

In this course we'll take a deep dive into the /PD.S (Process Definition – Selection) tool in SB+.  This tool may have very few prompts, but don't let that simplicity fool you!  We'll explore the many features of this tool with special emphasis on:

•   Understanding Selection Criteria Options;
•   Using Selection Process Options;
•   Rolling your own selection
•   Boldly going far beyond intuitive help

While I have several courses that discuss the /PD.S tool, the discussion in those courses is more arms-length than getting down to the nuts and bolts.  In this new course, we'll look at all sorts of ways to get the most out of this one very simple, and yet amazingly powerful tool in the kit.  Be warned, however: this may challenge previously held beliefs!
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