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Regularly Scheduled Courses | Free Courses
« on: August 27, 2007, 08:50:09 am »
When I started Connect! a few years ago, I scheduled a few courses once every month or every two months.  I also offered a free course here and there to try to introduce the service.  After a few months of standard scheduled courses and free courses, interest in the regularly scheduled stuff began to wane so I went to the on-demand service as it exists currently.

There have been a lot of the same course being scheduled, many of them private, single-company classes, but it's not uncommon to do the same course on back to back days.  So I'm wondering, would there be enough interest to bring back the regularly scheduled and periodically free courses?

Another angle I'm considering is flash-based recordings of the courses.  We had tried to record sessions via conferencing service, but anything past about 20 minutes seems out of their realm of possibility.  So I'm looking at producing flash-based material that could be run over the web at any time, without having to go through a formal scheduling procedure.  This would give our international friends access to this excellent training resource at whatever hours would be convenient for them.

This, however, will be a most expensive endeavor to do effectively.  So before I go ponying up the cash and time, what do you think?  Knowing that I'm always available via email for Q&A, and there's the SBSolutions list for additional support, do you think on-demand recorded training over the web be something of interest for you or anyone else you know?
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