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Red Leaf 6 - Final!
« on: September 22, 2012, 02:20:34 PM »
With great joy and pride we are pleased to announce the release of Red Leaf version 6!  This release, like those that have come before, adds significant new and improved functionality to the Red Leaf web portal for Epicor Prelude customers, including:

* New Prelude Connector: Our jConnector technology has been improved substantially to help customers "claim" Unidata licenses for the web server so that all web requests will be honored even on systems where license usage is consistently maxed out.
* New Advertising Module: The advertising module allows you to display rotating advertisements on your Red Leaf powered site and track views, hovers, and clicks for each ad!
* New Cart Queuing Module: This new feature allows you to set up a series of queues and rules for staged approval before converting a cart into a Prelude quote or order!
* New Support for Substitute and Related Products: Substitute products are now supported on Red Leaf, and related products can now be automatically added to a customer's cart with appropriate permissions.
* New User Interface Tracking: When a visitor first accesses the site, Red Leaf will now record the UI (whether Desktop, Mobile, or Connect) and browser they are using for later analysis.
* New CAPTCHA Security on Login/Signup: A CAPTCHA is an image rendering of text that is used for additional security to verify that a human, not a machine or hacker script, is attempting to access the site. A user must enter the letters and numbers shown in the CAPTCHA image to verify access.  CAPTCHA graphics may now be enabled for login and signup for the site.
* New Microsoft Excel integration: Many lists shown throughout Red Leaf, like transaction lists and favorites, can now be exported directly into Microsoft Excel!
* New Add Products to Favorites Program: This program can be added to any menu to allow authorized users to add multiple products and quantities to an existing or a newly created favorites list. Products may be added to a favorites list by Red Leaf product number, Prelude product number, or using a valid Prelude alternate product number.
* New Product List Filter Bar: Borrowing a bit of brilliance from Red Leaf Mobile, a filter bar can now be shown above product listings. This filter bar will allow site visitors to zero-in on the products listed on the current page by entering a word or phrase. As characters are typed into the filter bar, the products shown in the list will be dynamically adjusted to show only the products that contain the word or phrase as typed. By default the filter will remove any products from the list that do not match the search word or phrase. This presentation may be changed in your custom UI to dim the ineligible products or accentuate the eligible ones.
* New Micro View: The micro view is a compact, miniature version of the grid view showing a small image, description, price, and icons that allow a user to add the product to a cart, add the product to a favorites list, request information about the product or compare products.

These are just a few of the highlights from the Release Notes document, which can be downloaded here:

The full documentation bundle - all 348 pages in 5 PDFs - can be downloaded from here:

A great big THANK YOU to all of our customers who have helped us with big ideas for Red Leaf and for helping us spread the good news about all these great things we're doing!
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