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MITS Tips - Have a tip to share?
« on: October 09, 2008, 06:14:52 PM »
Is the AutoRun Scheduler really running?

Today I added a couple of custom jobs to the AutoRun schedule on a UniData/AIX box:


The first job is at the top of the list of jobs, and the second at the bottom.

These will be inspected by another process before the start of business each day to ensure that the values are sensible - i.e. the modified time on MITS.AUTORUN.FINISHED is both recent and greater than MITS.AUTORUN.STARTED.

The UniVerse/Unix equivalent would be something like:

sh -c "touch /tmp/MITS.AUTORUN.STARTED"
sh -c "touch /tmp/MITS.AUTORUN.STOPPED"

Have a tip to share?