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Red Leaf Version 5 - Here we go!
« on: March 18, 2012, 04:05:26 PM »
Precision Solutions is pleased to announce the availability of Red Leaf version 5, the web-based information portal for Epicor Prelude customers.  With Red Leaf, Epicor Prelude sites can offer their customers a comprehensive online shopping experience including full product search with real-time pricing and availability, multiple shopping carts, multiple site support, multiple "favorites" lists, as well as real-time access to current and historical quotes, orders, and invoices.

Connectivity is the theme of Red Leaf, and this version adds two significant new connectivity features: Red Leaf Mobile and Red Leaf Connect.  With Red Leaf Mobile, all the power of Red Leaf is now available on mobile devices like tablets and smart phones.   "The future of applications will be defined by accessibility," stated Kevin King, President and Chief Technologist, "and what better way to define 'accessibility' than with the devices we carry in our pockets every day."

Red Leaf Connect also offers access to Prelude information but through a URL-based interface.  This allows Red Leaf to be more easily integrated into corporate websites using simple REST techniques that can accept results in either JSON or XML format.  This also allows Prelude sites the ability for customers to gather real time pricing and availability information using programmatic interfaces.

For more information about Red Leaf, contact Precision Solutions at 303-651-7050 or visit us on the web at
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