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Android Emulator for SB+ ??


Tom Pellitieri:
Does anyone know of a useable Android terminal emulator that would connect well to SB+?  We use AccuTerm on our PCs with a WYSE-60 emulation.  I don't personally have an Android device, so it makes it hard for me to research.

Any ideas or thoughts?



Tom Pellitieri:
Well.. less than 20 views in a week, and no replies... I guess no one else is pursuing this...

Sorry for the lack of response Tom.  You're looking for a telnet client on Android that could be configured to work with SBClient?  Would you mind posting a little more backstory?

Hey Tom.   On an Android device now. Found ConnectBot but the keyboard is really lacking. No escape, backspace doesnt work and the left and right arrows are unrecognized by SB+.

Telnet clients seems to be rare on Android.  At the risk of sounding like an ad, any chance you'd entertain the notion of using a mobile webapp?

Alex Copeland:
There are a couple different routes that you can go with the terminal in Android.  Like Kevin said in his post, ConnectBot is an option.  ConnectBot does ssh, telnet and will even connect to the local device.  Like Kevin said, the keyboard can be a pain (but, there again, when in the realm of terminal emulation is the key mapping not a pain?).  The keyboard is not so much a function of ConnectBot as it is (mostly) Android's input method itself. 

A nice complement to ConnectBot (or really any application that might need special keys) is Hacker's Keyboard.  There's an option for a 4 or 5 row layout for keys.  Connectbot does also have Esc, Ctrl and Function Key abilities built in.  If you touch the terminal area, you'll get the Esc and Ctrl keys.  Function keys are produced by pressing the Crtl key and then the corresponding number.

When I have had the need to connect to Prelude, I've used the VT100 terminal type, and it's worked OK.

There are some other terminal options out there.  You can use the Android Terminal Emulator and go directly to the native Android shell and use whatever you're running on your device.  If you're running Chrome (I think it's still in beta for Android), you can use the ssh terminal extension within the browser itself.  I haven't tried on Android, but in Windows and Linux, the ssh terminal didn't like the graphic characters of my VT100 terminal definition, so I had to use one that just used "+" and "-" for box shapes, but it was still based on vt100.

There are quite a few terminal emulators out there.  The ones I cited are free.

You could also explore the option of using a VNC or RDP client to access a 'real' computer running whatever terminal emulator that you want.  There are several free ones out there.  I still find using those a little clunky, though.

I will agree with Kevin that a web front end to whatever specific thing that you're trying to do is probably going to be a lot easier to use.  The only reason that I would want to get on a command line on my phone is if I absolutely had to.


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