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Red Leaf 5 - coming up fast!
« on: February 25, 2012, 07:35:11 PM »
Greetings my fellow Red Leafians!  It's been a busy few months around here with Red Leaf and we're fast approaching the launch of version 5… just a few short weeks away!

Red Leaf 5 is currently scheduled for release on Monday, March 19th.  Since our 4.1 release we've continued to make improvements to Red Leaf in a number of areas, such as pricing/discount improvements and the ability to 'invert' the product compare as well as improving upon the expiration date calculation of the Remember Me function.  But of course incremental improvements are hardly worthy of a full upgrade, so you might be wondering… what's REALLY cool in this release?  Well, how about:

  • MOBILE!  As of version 5, Red Leaf will be mobile enabled, allowing your customers to access your Red Leaf site from any mobile device!  The infrastructure has been complete for a few months now and we're currently focusing on making it all as rock-solid as possible.  We've heavily invested in mobile development for Red Leaf and Unidata applications in the past 18 months, and are very excited to show you what we've come up with!
  • Red Leaf Connect is a new HTTP-based interface that allows anybody or anything using HTTP to, well… connect to Red Leaf!   With Red Leaf Connect, your customers can programmatically request information from your system, build shopping carts, look-up transactions, and anything else that Red Leaf can do without ever opening a browser.  You could also use Red Leaf Connect to incorporate Prelude functionality into your existing corporate web site without having to write any PHP code!

I'll be posting the full list of changes for this version soon, but until I get that massive list together, I just want to remind those of you who may still be on the fence about Red Leaf, on March 19th the price will be increasing.  We will continue to honor RL4 pricing up to March 18th but as of the 19th, the new pricing will be in effect.

I'm also working on a demo of Red Leaf mobile, so let me know if you want to be involved in that session.
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