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Load Parameters
« on: September 15, 2011, 05:07:51 PM »
Have you ever noticed that in a GRIM report if you pressed F6 to 'Load Parameters' and then pressed F3 to display your available list that you would see a blank at the top.  This could be for two reasons.
1. you are allowed to enter a 'blank' parameter name (flaw in system)
2. if the report was 'user' created you will always see a blank on top.

To eliminate the first issue go to TCL and SELECT USER.REPORTS WITH @ID = "[!"
then delete that list.
All parameters are stored in the USER.REPORTS file as     reportname!paramName
so if the parameter name is blank the id would be           reportname!
Now to the second reason. Prelude reports are stored in the REPORTS file.
But 'user created reports' are stored in the USER.REPORTS file as    reportname
The selection criteria for parameters in process  GRI.LOAD.PARAMS.SEL is:
GRI.RPT.NAME = "(@KEY:"]")"          which selects the parameters & your report (oops)
Change the selection criteria to    GRI.RPT.NAME = "(@KEY:"!]")"      The problem is solved.