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Red Leaf Version 4 Feature List
« on: July 26, 2011, 07:20:53 PM »
Red Leaf version 4 - currently scheduled to be released September 25, 2011 - will include a number of significant enhancements, including:

(Now, before you go scanning this list be advised there's a very important announcement at the bottom, so if you get tired of reading through this HUMONGOUS list of improvements to Red Leaf, be sure to jump to the bottom to see the announcement.)


  • F3 has been added on the Site Configuration screen in Prelude to assist with selecting site configuration.
  • The Red Leaf general setup parameters have been integrated into each Red Leaf site configuration including:
    • Require access codes flag: If “Y”, any program or menu that does not have an access code will be restricted.  If “N”, any program or menu that doesn’t have an access code will be allowed.
    • Default products per page: The default page size for web product listings, either 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, or “All”.
    • Default display orientation: List or Grid
    • Login expiration days: The number of days that a user can stay logged in when using the “Remember Me” option during login.
  • Added additional setup of standard parameters for each site:
    • Comment code to use when adding comments to Prelude quotes and orders during cart conversion.
    • Corporate Select Code: A code which determines whether corporate users can see information about customers only, or details specific to contacts within customers.
    • Price override reason: This code is used on the order or quote line to document the reason for an allowable price override.  Price overrides are only allowed with the CartEditPrice access code.
    • Anonymous users can be assigned a restricted product list to control the products that an anonymous user can see before logging in.  Each authenticated user can then have a different restricted product list.

  • Options on menus can now be re-sequenced
  • A web program can now be launched by expanding a menu branch on the site


  • A program can now have any number of associated images.  This feature is being added to proactively prepare for custom programs with server-side configuration.
  • Added a program to allow Corporate users to view customer sales history for a group of customers that is automatically updated as new customers are added.


  • Access codes can now be easily resorted in the role list with anti-codes appearing at the top of the list.
  • New Access Codes
    • ViewProductImages: With this access code, a site visitor will see all product images.  This one code enables the ViewProductFullImage, ViewProductListImage, ViewProductFaveImage, and ViewProductCartImage access codes.
    • ViewProductFullImage: This code enables the display of the image when viewing the full product listing.
    • ViewProductListImage: This code enables the display of images when products are shown in a list.
    • ViewProductFaveImage: This code enables the display of images for favorite products.
    • ViewProductCartImage: This code enables the display of images for products in the cart.
    • CartShipVia: This code allows a user to select a ship via option in the cart.
    • CartPoNum: This code allows a site visitor to enter a purchase order number in the cart.
    • CartPoLineNum: This code allows a site visitor to enter purchase order line numbers for each product in the cart.
    • CartCustRelNum: This code allows a site visitor to enter a customer release number for the cart.
    • CartCustJobNum: This code allows a site visitor to enter a customer job number for the cart.
    • CartComments: This code allows a site visitor to enter general comments on the cart.
    • CartLineComments: This code allows a site visitor to enter a comment for each line of the order.
    • CartEditPrice: This code allows an authenticated user to directly edit the price of a product in the cart.
    • Corporate: This code allows a user to view sales history for a list of customers and to impersonate them for purposes of viewing transactional history as well as create new carts for quotes and orders.
    • Search: This code enables the search feature in the header of the site.
    • ViewPrice: This code allows prices and merchandise amounts to be displayed throughout the site.
    • ViewAllComments: This code allows all comment codes to be displayed for the site visitor.  Without this code, only customer-centric comment codes will be displayed to the site visitor.


  • Added ability to limit ship to options per web user
  • Added ability to limit ship via options per web user
  • Added ability to limit a user to only specific sites
  • Added a conversion utility for users defined in “that other web product”
  • Added options for corporate users to view lists of customers/contacts including sales history with the ability to “activate” a customer for creating orders/quotes on their behalf.  This is somewhat like alter-egos but the customer or contact doesn’t have to be a Red Leaf user.


  • Searching on CPN now uses the entire search value
  • We can now search on keywords with spaces
  • Product searches have been enhanced to improve efficiency and to better apply inclusion (+) and exclusion (-) rules.
  • The search type is now added to the product search log.

  • Added ability to define product “families”, that is, groups of products that may be related in some way.  A family product can be searched like any other product and will show up once in a list (regardless of the number of products in that family) and the site visitor can choose the family to see the products in that family, filter the list, and add specific products from that family to their cart.
  • Added ability to limit products to specific sites
  • Added ability to suppress price throughout the site
  • Added price to display on related products and product accessories
  • Added ability to assign access codes to products to limit visibility for specific users.
  • Added ViewCost access code to allow costs to be displayed for products in listings and in the cart
  • Added new exports for product options
  • The ViewPrice access code is now separate from the Cart access code to allow people to add items to a cart with no prices or extended values displayed.
  • Added the ability to allow images to be defined with either forward or backward slashes.
  • Added web side sorting and paging to most product listings
  • Corrected a problem with the list description being displayed in product list views
  • Added logic to the product import to validate the number of columns on import file to prevent people from updating things incorrectly using an old template.


  • Added numerous new access codes to include or exclude the display of several fields on the cart including:
    • Customer purchase order number
    • Customer purchase order line number
    • Customer release number
    • Customer job number
    • Product images
    • Ship Via
  • Added support for “ship complete” orders (Prelude order type 02)
  • Added CartEditPrice access code to allow price on web to be overridden
  • Added customer PO Line # as an optional field on the cart
  • Added line and header comments to the cart.  The Prelude comment code to be used for comments can be configured for each site.
  • Email is now sent to cart originator when cart is released to Prelude.
  • When an item is in the current cart, it can now be highlighted in product listings
  • CPNs are now copied onto the order/quote lines to print on order/quote documentation through Prelude
  • Corporate users can interactively change the customer and/or contact number assigned to a cart.

Product Pages

  • Added the ability to link product pages to other (“related”) product pages
  • Added list description and long description to product pages (and both can be translated)
  • Product pages can now have multiple images defined for heading/footing, etc.
  • Product pages can now include links to other URLs
  • Products on product pages can now be more easily re-sequenced


  • We are no longer limited to running on Apache for Windows!
  • The link from OrderHistory to view the InvoiceHistory object is now predicated on the ViewInvoiceHistory access code.
  • Corrected a bug that caused an automatic form submission on <cr>.
  • Autocomplete on the search is now canceled when results are displayed from the search
  • Language information was removed from menus, programs, and options and rolled into the standard language translation tables.
  • Added some strategic F3’s to email and image code prompts.
  • The default presentation of list and grid views has been restructured based on user input.
  • The “Contact” link has been removed from the heading and is now available as a program that can be linked into the menu

While each release of Red Leaf has added great new capabilities, this next release represents the most significant enhancements to date!

Very Important Announcement: From our first release a year ago until now, Red Leaf has more than doubled in size and capability.  Therefore, this next release (v4) will be the last version at the current price.  (Those of you who have had a demo know what that number is.  If you don't know, just call me!)  The price for version 5 has not yet been finalized, but you should expect it to be at least 20-25% higher than the current price.  We will honor the current price up until the release of Red Leaf version 5, tentatively scheduled for March 2012.

Thank you for your continued interest in Red Leaf, and if you have any questions or comments, just let me know!
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