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Red Leaf Spanish Translation
« on: June 09, 2011, 10:16:56 AM »
We received the Spanish translation strings for Red Leaf yesterday, thanks to our good friends at Bodeux International.  Loaded 'em up and that was a real sight to see Red Leaf in another language!

This did, however, identify a couple of things in the Red Leaf language translation that I'd like to change.  Up to the current version (v3) we've stored language strings all over the place.  Menus, programs, products, pages, options, .... each has its own language definition.  Considering how well this export/import worked with the Bodeux folks, I'm thinking it'll be much easier to streamline all of our non-product language text  into the Red Leaf standard translation tables instead of having things spread over hither and yon.

Product information is a much more extensive translation as there is the short description, long description, list description, and specification text to be translated for each Red Leaf product.  So we'll leave that the way that it is, but menus, programs, and options in particular will lose their independent language translation features in the upcoming release and it'll all roll into the standard language translation tables.  The really cool part about this is that it will actually simplify the setup for a new language.  We'll translate the common strings as part of the standard translation and then all you'll have to do is setup the appropriate language code and everything should convert very nicely.

I gotta say, I am most impressed with the speed of the real time translation.  I was certain we'd have some delays in translating every bit of text in the site, and in real time no less.  But first indications are that the delay is so minor it's not even noticeable.

Very happy with our language translation features so far.  Looking forward to doing more with this!
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