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Red Leaf 4 Meeting Redux
« on: May 29, 2011, 09:07:49 AM »
Thank you to everyone that participated in our Red Leaf v4 status meeting last Friday.  Not only did we come away with loads of good input for this next release, but I'm very encouraged by everyone's enthusiasm!

To summarize the discussion points from this meeting:

* I've contacted my language translation person, and should have some input shortly on our translation into Spanish.
* Work continues aggressively on the Red Leaf mobile UI.
* It was requested that we provide a mechanism for creating Red Leaf users by copying users out of that other program.  We can do that.
* We continue investigating ways to rationalize changes in Prelude products that should be reflected in Red Leaf.  This is a huge topic unto itself, but we also understand how vitally important it is.
* Google Analytics: Looking into a tighter integration here.
* We're looking into real time credit card authorization with Paypal, and I'd like to write this in such a way to give us some flexibility regarding service providers.  We all understand that a full on credit card processing module is a huge undertaking, but we'll see how far we can go in the short time we have.
* Once we have credit card processing whipped, then we can do something about allowing customers to pay their open invoices through the Red Leaf interface.

Once again, thanks to everyone for your participation and especially for your great ideas!
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