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Optio Support
« on: May 15, 2007, 09:36:35 PM »
I had a very disturbing call with a sales guy for Optio yesterday.  With several Activant/Prelude customers using Optio, I had hoped to buy the Optio design tools so that I could support these customers.  Guess what?  Optio WILL NOT SELL to me!

The conversation started out innocently enough, the sales guy asked why I wanted to buy the design tool, and I - simply being honest and upfront - told him that I support a number of Activant/Prelude and Epicor customers who periodically need modifications to their Optio forms.  He then went on to tell me that these customers should not need any additional support because, and I quote, "All Prelude and Epicor customers are provided the design tools as part of their license".  When I told him that was not the case, he ACTUALLY challenged me to come up with one customer that was not provided the design tools.  I effortlessly provided him the names of several.  A couple of seconds later he was backpeddling and said that "apparently" Prelude doesn't always license the design tool with their software.

He then went on to tell me that he would not sell me any Optio product because he could get sued by Activant for "enabling" competition.  (Yes, he did say "enabling competition".)  Is this not America?  Isn't healthy competition a part of doing business?  Besides, it's not like I'm looking to steal business away from vendors, but rather to provide a service to customers who have needs.  If those needs are not being met in a timely manner because their vendor is too busy with other tasks, why shouldn't another person be allowed to assist?

Certainly I'd love to work directly with Activant to help them meet the needs of their customers, but every attempt I've made in that direction has been met with resistance if not actual opposition.  So if I - or any other consultant - can't service the customers as a representative of the vendor, and we're not supposed to service the customers external to the vendor, that leaves a lot of customers without help.  And whether the vendors want to acknowledge it or not, customers with unmet needs don't stay customers for the long haul.  NOTE TO VENDORS: Go ahead and discourage competition if you must, but please don't make your customers suffer for it!

So I'm at an impasse here with Optio.  I want to assist customers with these needs, but right now my hands are tied.  I'm open to suggestions for a peaceful resolution.  Anybody?
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