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Red Leaf version 3 - Countdown to Monday!
« on: March 25, 2011, 11:38:58 AM »
Despite bouts of illness and an extraordinarily busy consulting schedule, Red Leaf version 3 is on track for an on-time release this coming Monday, March 28!

A couple of weeks ago I posted a list of what’s in the new release.  Since then, the list expanded somewhat!  So here’s what you can expect from the new release:

(previously announced)
•   Documentation!
•   Product specifications can now be entered both as text and as a series of name/value pairs.
•   Product specifications may now be compared on the site by checking the products to compare and pressing a “Compare” button.
•   Product options are now fully implemented.  Using product options a site visitor can easily filter a list of products simply by selecting an option of interest.
•   Single product search and product page listings now include the option to see multiple pages, sort on one of several criteria, and display the product list in either list or grid format.
•   Product categories have been added.  Categories provide a secondary method for locating products.
•   Product accessories have been added.  Accessories are like related products but can be used for different purposes.
•   Custom product fields have been added.  You can now add any custom value you want (like manufacturer, brand, model, year, …) to any product in Red Leaf.
•   The new budgeting module help you help your customers control their buying or control the sales of restricted items (like hazardous materials).  Like everything in Red Leaf this module is very flexible to give you numerous options for budgeting by order amount, product amount/quantity, pline amount/quantity, or major group amount/quantity, for customers, contacts, ship tos, specific web users, or even custom-tailored customer groups.
•   When logging in, a “Remember Me” option will allow Red Leaf site visitors to stay logged in for a (configurable) number of days.
•   When the SeeAvail (see available quantity) access code is used with the SelShipWhse (select shipping warehouse) access code, Red Leaf will now show quantity per warehouse in the shipping warehouse dropdown.
•   Product pages, categories, and specifications can now be exported to Excel, edited, and reloaded into Red Leaf.
•   Web users may be assigned a restricted product list to restrict their visibility to certain products.
•   All validated fields on the web forms now have popup “hints” to explain the validation, such as “Required” for required fields or “xxx-xxx-xxxx” for a phone number.
•   Red Leaf menus can now directly reference product pages (instead of requiring a Program record as in the earlier release).
•   The product availability code can now be enabled or disabled using a new access code (SeeAvailCode).
•   The invoice displays on the site now show payment details.
•   The cart type (quote or order) now displays during the payment screen during cart checkout.
•   Several API objects were reviewed and optimized to improve efficiency.

Additional items that have been added since the last announcement include:

•   Red Leaf can now send notification emails on major events (such as a user logging in, placing an order, failing a budget check, etc)
•   Fill with products are now supported during cart conversion.
•   A new product description called the “list description” has been added.  This description is like a long description that can be shown when the product is being shown in a list.
•   A new program has been added to display budget details for the current user.  This is also integrated into the cart display so that a user can see how the current cart will fit within any of their budgets.
•   A new program has been added to allow multiple products and quantities to be added to a cart by product number/quantity or by cut-and-paste.
•   Site performance has been improved with newly streamlined Javascript and CSS.
•   In the previous release, when a site visitor would view a list of orders, quotes, or invoices, they had to click on the transaction number to view the details.  In this version they can now click anywhere on a row to view the details for that transaction.
•   An issue with searching for and linking to product numbers containing special characters (like & and “) has been identified and corrected.
•   The Cart and Fave buttons are now disabled while they’re working to avoid inadvertent double clicks.
•   Menus can now include links to Text Blocks to allow a page to be served to Red Leaf directly from the Prelude server.  This can be used for welcome messages, hours of operation, or any special text that you might want to display.
•   Validation has been improved for credit card fields in the cart review/conversion screen in Prelude.
•   Red Leaf now supports a customized site icon (favicon.ico).

Version 3 represents a significant leap in functionality for Red Leaf and we are very excited about all of this new functionality and also for the bright future ahead!
Accidents "happen"; success, however, is planned and executed.


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Re: Red Leaf version 3 - Countdown to Monday!
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2011, 08:29:24 AM »
Today's the day!  All is ready to go, just working with our current sites to schedule the upgrades.  VERY exciting!

(If I'm a little overwhelmed today, please understand why...) :)
Accidents "happen"; success, however, is planned and executed.