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Red Leaf v2.5
« on: November 29, 2010, 03:19:06 PM »
We weren't originally planning on an intermediate release between Red Leaf v2 and v3, but a lot of really great improvements have happened in the past month or so and these are things that could benefit all our new installs.  So over the long holiday weekend we quietly released Red Leaf 2.5.  Here's a brief list of the improvements:

* All web searches are logged to a file for subsequent analysis.
* Cost information is now returned alongside prices in product information returned to the web (with appropriate permission).
* Access codes have been restructured to make it easier for users to add their own.  Additionally, a free-form comment can now be entered for each access code to better document its purpose and intent.
* A new system flag has been added which controls whether access codes are required or optional for programs and menus created in Red Leaf.  If access codes are optional and a menu or program has no access codes, the menu or program will be available regardless of the access codes assigned to the user (via their roles).  If access codes are required and a menu or program has no access codes, that menu or program will be disabled.
* ViewCost access code has been added to control who can view the cost of a product.
* SeePrices access code has been added to control who can see the price the price of a product.  Prices are returned to the web if the user has either this code or the Cart code.
* Customer number and name are now returned to the web context for each alter ego.
* F10-Menu was added to the Role, User, Menu, and Program screens.  A "Copy" option was added to each of these to allow a record to be easily copied.
* A restricted product list may now be setup for each user.  This will restrict the products that a user will be able to view and/or order.
* Programs have been created to import product pages from Excel or other external tools.

There are a number of web enhancements still underway for version 3 and we're going to be launching into the budgeting module soon as well.  Stay tuned!
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