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I am so tired of year-round political advertising.  Here in Colorado the ads on TV and radio are especially vicious this year.  I realize that voting is an American right, but at this point when the candidates are this blatantly filled with hatred for each other and contempt for those of us they are supposed to represent, the only practical choice is to vote NONE OF THE ABOVE.

Or Snoopy.  I may have to write in Snoopy.

I agree!  And if "None of the Above" wins, neither of the candidates should win and the office should remain empty until the next election.
I voted for Mickey Mouse.  And the news reports that Mickey Mouse gets votes in every election.

Well if Mickey already has the support, I'll be happy to throw another vote his way.  Hate to split the vote between a couple of cartoon characters... :-)

Tom Pellitieri:
Well, Mickey Mouse never ran a formal campaign.  Snoopy did - in 1968.  There were promotional "Snoopy for President" stickers included in loaves of bread.  After the election, a cartoon appeared with Snoopy carrying his "Vote for Snoopy" sign and thinking "Well, there's always '72"

Yeah.. I know... showing my age....

Here in Colorado, Ken Buck and Michael Bennett - vying for a US Senate seat - really do need their mommies to wash their mouths out with soap.  If this is what it takes to become a US Senator, all of America should be ashamed.

I will not vote until our candidates for office once again show something worth voting for.  However, when the coup starts, count me in.


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