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Check Boxes out of control
« on: June 05, 2007, 10:07:41 AM »
If a screen has both MultiValue fields and check-boxes, at times it may look like the check-boxes are out of control.  As you use the mouse and click on a check box, other check boxes will randomly check and un-check themselves.
The problem is 'focus' and REFRESH. This problem is obvious when you are in a blank item in a MultiValue field and you use the mouse to click a check-box.  The check-box will change, but if the focus was NOT on that check-box a simple P:(@REFRESH=2) in the process-after will show you that it wasn't 'really' changed.  It really takes two 'clicks' to change the box.  The first click to get the focus to the check-box and a second click to change it.
If you are in a blank item in a MultiValue field and you want to change the last check-box in a series of check-boxes.  The first click only takes the focus to the next field, the second click will focus on the check-box and the third click will change it.
Every check-box needs P:(@REFRESH=2) on the before and after process and there cannot be two MultiValue fields in a row (put a 'dummy' field in between also with P:(@REFRESH=2))     8)