Author Topic: God Bless You, Bruce Eckel  (Read 6017 times)


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God Bless You, Bruce Eckel
« on: October 18, 2009, 09:47:07 PM »
Bruce Eckel has written a number of very good books and I'm sure he does much more that just think and write.  His "Thinking in..." series, which I have read much of (but not recently) was very instrumental in helping me survive my early forays into Java.  As I remember, those resources were always sensible, focused, and helpful.

I found an online article from 2005 that he wrote entitled "What is Consulting?"... figured it was well worth sharing.  Sure, it's > 4 years old, but it just goes to show that truth and perspective never go out of style.

Reading this reinforces my belief that to be small and effective will always be significantly better than being huge and ... less.
Accidents "happen"; success, however, is planned and executed.