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Hello I have been working with UniBasic for 10 years. It has been great I started using Microsoft SQL but I will always prefer the Multi Value database. I love the fact the you don't have to do the "traditional joins" and that I can also have Multipart keys. I use the SB+ application at work and have written many custom BP's for PSG "Payroll Solutions Group" here in wonderful Las Vegas. I have an accounting degree and the no one in the Valley had created a GL export. So using System Builder I was able to create a GL export files for QuickBooks, Mass, and Jonas accounting software packages. You have to understand how there accounting works first then come back and ""PLAN KKing book reference"" how you can get the BP to export the data. It took some time but the clients went from 4 hours of data entry to 4 minutes of uploading.

I started in Kansas working with Pay Plus a PEO software, the company decided to migrate to HRPryamid some years back and I can't tell how lucky I was to spend countless hours and days learning everything about UniData and UniBasic I could. I had to get out of the Midwest too much snow and cold plus I was need a change, so I found a company that uses SB+ and the best thing is day one I knew how to use the system without any training. I am very fortunate to have lucky to have these skills as is anyone that uses Unidata, Universe, Pick ect.. not everyone knows MV programming so I am thrilled to have study and applied what I learned.

David Wolverton was also very helpful in my learning process and is always willing to help on syntax that might be giving me trouble. David has written lots of UNIDATA programs and have a vast knowledge like Kevin, he has added a full CRM module to or software as well as Imaging.

In my spare time I like to work with it slow loading listviews but the Debugger helps me more then the SB debugger, so I like the visual debugger. I was trying to get  some MV apps to load on a PDA but I can’t find anyway of doing that, so I spend a lot of time working on new ways to use Unidata.

Also Kevin Kings book was great reading had to go through it a couple of times but it a great reference to have. Sisks Book is also great.

Eric Khan Soraya


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Hi Eric, I was just hearing about you from David and the other folks at Davison.  Nice to "meet" you, here!  ~Susan