Author Topic: FYI: Unidata 7.2/SB+ Bug  (Read 6419 times)


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FYI: Unidata 7.2/SB+ Bug
« on: June 10, 2009, 02:50:02 PM »
IBM has isolated an issue with Unidata 7.2.0 for Linux.

The problem centers around a new semaphone IBM added to facilitate concurrent resizing, along with an ungraceful disconnect of a telnet session.

If a user closed out an SBClient session by simply closing SBClient rather than logging off via Unidata, Linux sends a hang-up signal to the PID. If that hang-up signal is received at the same time the new semaphore is set, then  the PID gets terminated but leaves the semaphore set.

No other file I/O can take place until the PID that is locking the semaphore is cleared.
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