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When Spam Attacks
« on: June 02, 2009, 11:55:37 AM »
I'm always amazed at the ploys that spammers go through to get me to open their crap.  Either body parts are too big, too small, or some relative of Nigerian royalty wants to give me a fortune.  Today, however, was special.  I received an email with a subject line that read:

Read or you're gay

There's a motivational statement, eh?  The level of stupidity among spammers/scammers is just mind-boggling.  However, there are some who still fall victim to spammers and scammers through some pretty inventive ploys.  Just a few days ago a family member received one of those 'fake check' kinds of solicitations where you cash the check and it implicitly signs you up for something you never needed nor wanted, and yet the "This is a solicitation" is hidden so effectively on the form that it looks... so... possible.  Of course, that old sage advice of "if it sounds too good to be true it probably is" is always a good thing to keep in mind.

All this crap email aside, I did find something interesting today.  Knowing that spammers and scammers change email more often than their underwear, I noticed that my junk email blacklist in Outlook had a breathlessly long list of email addresses from the countless millions of spam/scam messages I've received over the past few years.  Figuring 99.9% of these email addresses were probably one-offs, I decided to clear the list and start from scratch.  The payoff has been pretty good; I'm not getting any more spam than before, it's quicker to add someone to the filter, and Outlook absolutely SCREAMS.  I've seen my startup time cut to about a 1/10th of what it was, the shutdown time is about 1/50th of what it was, and once again I can receive a batch of email without having to wait for several minutes for a scant 100K to come in.

Just something to consider for those using Outlook, especially those for whom Outlook is freakishly slow and seemingly getting worse every day.
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