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Dear Congress
« on: February 03, 2009, 10:46:29 AM »
Soon there will be voting on what is being bantered about as the "economic stimulus plan".  Ladies and gentlemen of the US Congress, please understand that a vote in favor of this NEARLY A TRILLION DOLLAR boondoggle is a vote in favor of the total decimation of the American economy.

Our last President handed out 700 BILLION dollars which is now spent and the economy has continued to devolve.  Certainly, as Mr. President said, "something has to be done", but what he missed was that something POSITIVE has to be done.  Giving away buckets of money to people with no accountability for how it will spent nor any ideas of how it will benefit those who need it most is economic suicide. So throwing another $750B -- er, $800, no... $900 BILLION dollars into the mix without changing the rules has no hope of success. Add in the pork that you folks are throwing into the mix to buy your next election votes and clearly we have crossed a boundary of criminality that has more potential to bankrupt our country and negatively disrupt the world economy more than it has any prayer of success.  Then again, anyone who spends millions of dollars of someone else's money to get a job that pays only a fraction of the expense is clearly incapable of understanding the economics of the real world where most Americans live.

What's truly sad is that a solution to this problem could be implemented for next to nothing.  If you really want to stimulate the economy, a good place to start is by getting government OUT of business.  Your government has supported only the biggest of businesses (and make no mistake it's because those businesses pay your campaign funds) and then when the biggest of these businesses got stupid, YOU responded with ridiculous legislation - Sarbanes-Oxley - on ALL public companies.  Now, the smallest of task is a paperwork jungle as corporations are forced to spend more money on compliance, leaving less money for the operations that need the employees who drive this economy every day.

And you wonder why people are getting laid off?

America was founded on small businesses that delivered fiscally responsible results.  We need a government that is willing to make the hard choices to NOT spend away our future, to focus on the real solutions - not just those options that come with kickbacks, and to find a way to LEAD us - the real, everyday Americans - to a solution that doesn't turn our magnificent country into China's fiscal bitch.
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