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God Help Us
« on: October 02, 2008, 02:55:19 PM »
I don't care what political party you might be affiliated with, this bank bailout is a UBI (Universally Bad Idea) and combined with other UBIs of the American government - like Sarbanes-Oxley which purportedly could have prevented this kind of thing had the government not exempted itself from its clutches - will likely be the beginning of the end of America as we know it.

Rather than try to move our economy away from this dangerous precipice, congress now is finding it fitting to not only peer over the edge of the abyss, they've already strung a rope to rappel down into it.  Making matters worse, once the destruction of the American economic infrastructure is complete, what few cents remain in our economy will likely be spent for lawyers trying to figure out who's truly to blame.  And who will foot the bill?  You can bet it won't be the the idiots who are voting to pass this monstrosity.

On a Thursday evening in December back in 1773 a group of colonists fed up with increasing taxes and decreasing government intelligence boarded a bunch of ships and dumped a mass of precious - and heavily taxed! - cargo into Boston Harbor.  This simple act of vandalism carried a much higher price than merely the lost merchandise, as it sparked a revolution leading to the establishment of this independent land we know today as America.  Today though the names have changed, it's deja vu all over again as those in power are wielding that power and lack of intelligence as a weapon against "we the people", most likely as a cover to protect the discovery of their own misdeeds.

"We the people" need a new Boston Tea Party, but this time I'm thinking it may be more appropriate to throw every member of congress complicit to this disaster into the Potomac.  Or better yet, let's put them on a boat - something akin to what a typical American could afford (i.e. a rubber raft), drift them out a couple of miles into the Atlantic, preferably during a hurricane, and let them find their own way back.  Or to be more kind, keep them closer in because it doesn't really matter the distance because given a searchlight, GPS, and a rope tied to the dock our government would still be unable to find the shore in the middle of the day.

America doesn't need a new administration.  We need a wholesale reconstruction of our collective soul that has been sold to the devil by that sucking sound coming out of Washington DC.  Who could have predicted that what Monica did to Bill several years ago would be simply a metaphor for what Congress is now doing to you and I?
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