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Joining another forum
« on: August 22, 2008, 04:37:55 PM »
OK, So my real name is Jeff Mueller but with so much German ancestry in me, I feel herrmueller fits me better. Since everyone seems to be posting his or her life history, I’ll take a stab at it as well.

Like Kevin, I was born in California (Roseville) and raised in Nebraska on a small farm. After graduating from high school, I went into the Navy for six years, four of which were spent attached to the SSBN 635B (Ballistic Missile Nuclear Submarine). I was a navigation electronics technician, which enabled me to learn and understand systems and processes. I also began to dabble in machine code to troubleshoot Sperry/Univac computers. After my enlistment was over, I was hired by the Measurex Corporation (now a division of Honeywell) and became a field representative in the New England area. In this position, I worked with continuous processes such as paper and plastics manufacturing. The computers were the old LSI11s from DEC and I began to program user interface screens in assembly code. At this point in my life, I met my wife shortly after transferring to Iowa. I attended one year at the University of Iowa in their pre-computer science program and in 1990 we packed up and moved to Colorado. I completed my degree in Computer Information Systems in 1994 from Regis University.

The PICK Life
My first introduction to PICK was working with MANFACT and uniVerse on an HP-UX system in 1993. At that time I was the MIS Coordinator for a small division of SquareD in Loveland, Colorado. In this position I was the chief, cook, and bottle washer of I.T., which lead me to become a little overwhelmed because I would find myself repairing a PC, administering an OS2 LAN Network, and trying to learn how to correctly program in uniVerse Basic without breaking/corrupting the database. I was rescued by Comlinear Inc. (later a division of National Semiconductor) where I was able to focus on MANFACT and uniVerse for a couple of years. After it was clear the National Semiconductor was going to shut the door on Comlinear (1996), I left and was hired by MKS Instruments, HPS Products group where I am today.

Enter Kevin King  8)
In 1999, Dataworks, now known as Epicor, announced that they would be terminating the development and support of MANFACT and that users of MANFACT would be given an option of migrating to Avante’ for a small fee. In the winter of 2000, HPS Products began its migration from MANFACT to Avante’. After contracting SB+ training from someone at Vmark (Ardent, or something like that), we bumped into this guy named Kevin King at an airport in San Diego (after PRC training). We subsequently contracted his services to teach us System Builder the way it should have been taught in the first place and there afterward never looked back. Having subsequently been involved in an Oracle Applications implementation team, I can honestly say, “run far and run fast”. Stay away from the bright lights of Oracle Apps, unless you have really BIG and DEEP pockets and like to work with a very arcane application :D.

I have been married for 18 years now (hoping for another 18) and have two daughters (10 and 8). We all enjoy boating (40+ days per years) during the summer and FourWheeling during the Winter, with a mixture of both during the spring and fall.

I am not much into programming anymore (still necessary from time to time) but still work with System Builder and Optio. My forte’ is I.T. Systems and Business Analysis and the desire to implement cost effective I.T. solutions for the business (unless of course I win the lottery ::)).


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Re: Joining another forum
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2008, 08:59:35 AM »
I think back about that chance meeting in the airport and wonder "what are the odds??".

Welcome to "another forum"!
Accidents "happen"; success, however, is planned and executed.


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Re: Joining another forum
« Reply #2 on: July 15, 2010, 07:08:27 AM »
I never knew about the airport meeting!  And I'm involved in that story, too I guess.  Great one!  Love it!