Author Topic: Calling All Testers - Interactive Calendar Updated!  (Read 7504 times)


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Calling All Testers - Interactive Calendar Updated!
« on: July 25, 2008, 02:32:24 PM »
The Connect! interactive calendar at has been updated to include the following features:

The "Business Intelligence / MITS" category has been added.

I am SO excited to have Ross Morrissey on board to lead us in learning lots of marvelous things about using MITS to more effectively leverage our information assets.  We have our first course scheduled for next week, with more in-depth courses short to follow.

Navigation of the interactive course list has been SIGNIFICANTLY improved.

When I first created the interactive course list, I built it so that you could view the details for a course simply by hovering over the description of that course.  While originally a cool little experiment with Javascript, that navigation method has proven to be irritatingly jumpy, making some course details difficult to view unless you handled the mouse just right.

Now, details for each course are hidden until you click on a course title.  Clicking anywhere on the course description a second time closes the details.  Not only is this a little more intuitive, it has the added benefit of allowing details for multiple courses to be open simultaneously.

Rather than asking for specific details when requesting a course, all that information is now prompted on a web form.

When viewing the details for a course, you can click on the button to open up a web form where you can submit your request.  This replaces the old email method which, while semi-effective, never seemed to give me enough information in order to quickly and efficiently schedule a course.  With the web form I'm asking for everything I need (I think - time will tell!) so this should improve the scheduling experience for everyone.

So... wanna give it a whirl?  I'd love to have you take the new features through their paces and send me feedback either directly or here.  Oh, one thing: If you submit a page for testing, be sure to note that it's a test in the comment box, otherwise I may set you up for that course! :)
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