Author Topic: Do I upgrade to MITS Discover 7.0?  (Read 7705 times)

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Do I upgrade to MITS Discover 7.0?
« on: July 23, 2008, 05:33:25 PM »
There are a number of changes in MITS Discover for release 7.0, but overall it seems like more of a 6.1 release than a major upgrade.
What’s New
MITS has a list of new features at:
Here are my comments:
  • MitsWeb - the web browser interface is the default interface and is now bundled with MITS Discover
  • MITS Discover is now marketed in three versions with varying capability - this should not affect existing sites
  • Ajax Column manipulation – reordering columns is as easy as dragging and dropping – but we’re going back to the server to re-render the report
  • Changing Displayed Columns – the one area that MitsView beat MitsWeb is now much much better in MitsWeb; the ability to filter columns based on Eon as well as Column Group is inspired and will save a lot of time – even if the fancy Ajax pages can take some time to load
  • Changing Identifiers – selecting Identifiers for an existing report is much more flexible – Identifier order can be specified now
  • Dashboard object creator – now you don’t have to be a MultiValue/MITS/HTML expert to create or modify dashboard objects – most can be created or edited directly; this will make the dashboard much more valuable to more sites
  • Dashboard administration – you no longer enable dashboards and create libraries from TCL/ECL
  • Drill Across – you can include columns from hypercubes with similar identifiers; configuration is a bit awkward, and the documentation misses the mark, going way beyond the number one use for these – including daily information in monthly cubes (although this will still need some programming work)
  • Progress bar – reports that take more than a few seconds to render get a nice progress bar – but much of the time it seems to take just as long to display as the report does to render
  • More flexible build reporting – lots of new ways to monitor builds
  • Incremental Path upgrades – this was part of an earlier patch release, but is apparently more stable now
What’s Gone
  • There is no quick way to change column sets, so if you rely on this feature, you have to hope it comes back in a point release down the line
  • No initial identifier when creating Flash screens – your Flash screen will look odd without identifiers, but you do get to use the cool new change identifiers feature to add your identifiers
  • The Windows MitsWeb Gateway – the Java Gateway is the only supported version now, and it will now supports uniObjects for more robust communication with the server
  • Some server commands, like MITS.RESET.USERS – this reflects some internal changes but can cause problems if you cause Discover to drop to TCL/ECL
What’s Missing
  • Previously announced support for SQL data sources and a new dashboard interface are both missing from this release – evidently left out to get the release out the door on time
  • Any significant build speed enhancements
Do I Upgrade?
  • If you don't currently have MitsWeb, you should get it by default with an upgrade
  • If you use or want to use the Dashboard feature you should upgrade now
  • If you want to see yesterday’s sales in a monthly-based sales cube, you should upgrade now (although this will require some additional manual configuration)
  • If you use MITS interactively (not just to display existing Flash screens), you will benefit from the improvements in identifier and column handling

If you’d like to see MITS Discover 7.0 in action, consider a Connect! Training session.


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Re: Do I upgrade to MITS Discover 7.0?
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2008, 12:03:20 PM »
Hi Ross,

Thanks for the article.  We are planning on upgrading to MITS 7.0 next month.  We are currently using Discover 6.0 and Report 1.2.