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Re: Who Are You?
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After working my way thru college writing business applications on Apple II using 5 MB Corvus hard disk drives.  With the masterful college counselling I have received, I am one of the few people you will meet with two bachelor's degrees.  After graduating I landed a position with a company writing realestate applications on Microdata ...PICK!!

In 1984 I was offered a position to help with a conversion from an IBM 3033 to a Prime 9955 using Prime Information.  Though I have occassionally drifted, the Prime Information to UniVerse path has pretty much been my bread and butter ever since.  I did many conversions to both Prime Info and Universe over the years, wrote or rewrote lots of EDI applications, order entry, inventory, insurance, hotel reservation, collection, did CUBS for a short while, but always had my hands in the database adminsitration, even when I held the auspicious titles of VP or Director of IT.  PICK people rarely seem to grasp the concept that UniVerse admin and PICK admin are two different animals so I just gave up trying to train someone and did it myself.  While I have been able to teach UniVerse programming skills, I have failed miserably at getting the aspects of admin across to people.....

Strangley, my UniVerse admin skills have been in greater demand over the last few years then my management or programming skills, so that is what I have been doing the last few years.....people have described it as a  ...Black Art .... though I probably look more like Gargamel (Smurfs ... yes I am not young) hopefully with the skills of Lord Voldemort.
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Re: Who Are You?
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Accidents "happen"; success, however, is planned and executed.