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Bio de Mio
« on: May 06, 2008, 09:27:45 AM »
[UPDATED JULY 2010]When I was very small my family moved around a bit – so the fact that I was born where I was born was just an accident of brief happenstance and we will not discuss it.  Raised in Southern California, mostly, we moved to Huntsville, Alabama for my teen (and the Apollo) years.

When my family moved to Tehran, Iran in 1976 I spent the summer with them (a formative experience) and then returned to the US to get my Bachelor’s degree in Florida.  I married, spawned, divorced, repeated.  Moved to California, then Washington State, then back to Florida. Wound up with children=3, husbands=0 and stopping there. 

[2010] My son, Alex, 27, has his undergraduate degree in Economics, an MS in Management and will graduate in May 2011 with an MBA. He is married now (May 15, 2010), to Allison, who will finish her law degree at the same time. My daughter, Adrienne, 26, has her undergraduate degree in Linguistics and is working toward a 2nd bachelors in computer science in preparation for an MS in "Computational Linguistics". Her husband (October 10, 2009) has his Master's in University Administration and is the Director of Student Activities at a Florida college. Rhiannon, 18, is getting ready for her sophomore year away at University where she is majoring in ballet and probably will declare a minor in journalism/PR.

These days my partner Tony and I spend time riding motorcycles, dirt-bikes and ATVs. We also attend concerts – from Rock to Classical – opera, ballet and Broadway.  Just so you don’t get the idea we’re uncultured motor-heads.  [2010] Bicycle! Training for the MS150.

During my years as a contract programmer I developed some personality quirks, ultimately developing enough of a reputation for that behavior that I was contacted specifically to create a change control / check-in / check-out system for a company moving to a Multivalue system from a mainframe.  That effort eventually evolved into the product that PRC is today.  I tend to think of it as my 4th child, born just after Rhiannon. [2010] Nearing two decades of maturity, PRC has been recently refactored - the front end being prepared for .net/WPF and the back-end made more generic for various server side hosts that may not include or be compatible with SB+.

Thanks for listening.
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Re: Bio de Mio
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To say "I had no idea" is so trite it's hardly worth mentioning... but...

I had no idea.

I did like the "personality quirks" statement though; I think I'll use that in explaining some of my rather unusual behaviors from now on.. :)
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Re: Bio de Mio
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I did like the "personality quirks" statement though; I think I'll use that in explaining some of my rather unusual behaviors from now on.. :)

Never explain.  Keep 'em guessing!  I celebrate my eccentricity.
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Re: Bio de Mio
« Reply #3 on: August 22, 2008, 04:42:54 PM »
PRC Rocks, thanks for saving my SOX #ss Susan. Truly miss attending the various conferences.