Author Topic: How was Summit?  (Read 6846 times)


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How was Summit?
« on: April 07, 2008, 09:05:19 PM »
Anyone care to weigh in on the recent Summit in New Orleans?  I saw the pictures... waaaay too much work going on! :)
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Re: How was Summit?
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2008, 08:32:39 AM »
I quite enjoyed it.  There were nearly 200 Prelude users there, plus the usual gang from Activant.  This was the first one I had attended since "Don Webb sold his soul to the devil", so I wasn't quite sure what to expect.  Overall it was huge.  Prelude people were almost lost in the crowd of Eclipse users.

The sessions were about what I expected based on past user group meetings.  But it was refreshing to see some more general topics presented.  The facilities were good, the location was good.  Steve Kraemer will certainly never forget this one after winning $16 grand at the casino on Sunday night!

On a personal note, I liked the trip itself.  I took my wife aliong and we rode down on Amtrak.  A very pleasant and relaxed way to travel.
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