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Title: The Future of SB+ and System Builder NOT SBXA
Post by: LasVegasSBUser on February 13, 2012, 05:07:43 PM
Does anyone know what the future of SB+ Client/Server? Are we stuck with the SBXA? I tried coding a simple SELECT.LIST and READNEXT ID to load a combo box using SBXA, man I could knit a sweater by the time it finally loaded. I really like the SB Client but are they ever going to add to it like more objects or will it be obsolete in 5 years.I Hope not.
Title: Re: The Future of SB+ and System Builder NOT SBXA
Post by: precisonline on February 25, 2012, 07:21:42 PM
Personally, I have some grave concerns about the future of SB+.  SB+ as we knew it (up through 5.5) is now dead, 5.4 was officially sunset at the end of last year, and SB+ going forward is XA or bust.  Unfortunately, it's more likely to bust because SB/XA, after years of development, is just plain awful.  The "Rich Client" is an awful implementation of a fundamentally flawed concept, and I don't see anything that Rocket is doing to bring SB+ applications to mobile devices.  As a person who believes that mobile is the only future that will matter inside of the next dozen years, that's pretty much like Rocket nailing their coffin shut from the inside.

Having invested a good portion of my career into SB+, it's been difficult to witness its decline.  But had this decline not occurred I might never have learned as much about the rest of the world, such as how web technology can be easily connected into Multivalue applications and how we can leverage mobile technology today with little more than a little bit of code and some truly innovative code from OUTSIDE of the Multivalue world.

So for what SB+ was, I say 'thank you'.  For what SB+ is today, I say 'hello web'... :)